Starry Night Nativity

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Starry Night Nativity

Starry Night Nativity can be displayed year round, with as much visual interest when doors are closed as when opened. Lordi’s use of gradated blues, sparkly gold and symbolic imagery is a reference to historical objects of art. “I embellished the surface with gold dots—symbolizing light, energy, hope, inner strength… Gold connotes preciousness and enduring value, and I wanted this to be a special piece, that would be kept for a long time. The outside doors reflect nature and the cycle of life—regeneration, renewal, rebirth. These themes influence everything I make.” –Susan Lordi.

The piece can be hung on a wall, or sit on a mantel or table. Hinged doors open flat or at an angle. Starry Night Nativity is packaged in a custom-designed, protective Signature Collection Gift Box.

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